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by Tetnika Williamson on Valarie R. Brooks | 704-488-2420 | Charlotte NC Homes for Sale

I relocated to Cary, NC from Charlotte, NC and was forced to place my house on the market. After having a horrible experience in renting it out to a tenant and after careful consideration, selling my home was the best option for me. I knew I could not afford to maintain 2 households long-term and had no intentions on moving back into my home in Charlotte. After researching the best realtors in the area I decided to reach out to Valarie R. Brooks Agency. Immediately Valarie dug in and gave me the best options for my house based upon my property value and current market analysis. Valarie and her team immediately started the process. She literally held my hand every step of the way and made me feel so comfortable during the entire process. She made 1-2 months seem effortless. Many days she would call or email me to make sure I turned in the correct documents and etc. She made me feel like I was her only customer and she put herself in my situation. In addition to supporting my being the Seller of my home. Valarie was able to find a buyer for my property within the 1st 30 days of my home being on the market. Overall Valarie and her staff were always available, patient and knowledgeable about the best options during my short sale and I would recommend for any of your home buying and sales needs.

by Candice and Jerry Brennan on Valarie R. Brooks | 704-488-2420 | Charlotte NC Homes for Sale

We highly recommend Valarie R. Brooks Real Estate Connections and we can confirm that she is the “hardest working woman in real estate”. As our agent, Valarie sold our house in two weeks. She did an excellent job in marketing our home, advising us on the bestselling price and her negotiation skills with the opposing agent and clients were remarkable. Valarie’s ability to understand our needs upfront made the experience a pleasurable one. She is extremely professional, honest, reliable, and patient. We thank you for your hard work, dedication, and guidance. Candice and Jerry Brennan

by Christina Ashton on Valarie R. Brooks | 704-488-2420 | Charlotte NC Homes for Sale

I am going to be candid. My family was facing foreclosure. Prior to the recession my husband and I combined were in the high six figures. M y husband lost his job and I was downsized. We were living in a $800k house and were embarrassed to admit we were going to lose it. We were referred to Valarie by another Realtor. Valarie explained the short sale process to us and we sold our property, gained major relief and are restructuring our lives. Valarie is awesome! She held our hand throughout the entire transaction. We will be able to buy again within 18 months and we are certainly going to connect with the Valarie R. Brooks Real Estate Connections.

by Charlie Meyer on Valarie R. Brooks | 704-488-2420 | Charlotte NC Homes for Sale

Valarie and her team were true professionals, accessible and willing to listen to my needs. I was treated with dignity and respect throughout my time as a client and would highly recommend the services provided by Valarie Brooks." "In this time of economic uncertainty and bank apathy, Valarie represented the sanity that was leading me out of the hopelessness. Her efforts and connections pulled my home out of the quicksand to the closing table!" Thank you Valarie! Charlie Meyer.

by Debbie Villarreal on Valarie R. Brooks | 704-488-2420 | Charlotte NC Homes for Sale

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity “Valarie R. Brooks is a very knowledgeable, experienced, and determined Real Estate Agent who goes above and beyond to meet her clients needs. Valarie R. Brooks reputation precedes her. My husband and I were looking to purchase a home in Charlotte, one of my husband's coworkers referred Valarie R. Brooks to us and we were satisfied with her CAN DO and WILL DO attitude and professionalism. Without a doubt we highly recommend Valarie R. Brooks!!!! The hardest working woman in Real Estate

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