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Everything you should know about mortgage

Getting a mortgage can help you to purchase an item or asset that would otherwise be too heavy on the pocket if paid on the spot with cash. If you’re searching for a new home from among the many houses for sale in Charlotte, NC, understan...

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Charlotte NC’s wonderful green spaces

Located in the Piedmont region, the city of Charlotte in North Carolina is nestled among rolling hills and lush greenery. It may be one of the more dynamic commercial hubs in the state but it also revels in the glorious synergy between city...

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Should you buy a home in a pandemic?

Crisis or not, people will need shelter. That is one clear truth in the cloud of uncertainty brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. This is also one of the motivating factors behind every Realtor’s desire to keep business running in Char...

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9 Cost-effective Ways to Boost Your Home’s Value

Want to make your property one of the most sought-after houses for sale in North Charlotte, NC? Here are nine tips to improve its value without breaking the bank: Put away the clutter Making your house sale-ready begins with declut...

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Coping with the stress of staying at home

Stay home, they said. It will keep you safe, they said. Then when the shelter-in-place order in North Carolina was extended, your blood ran cold. Worries about the economy tanking and your own personal woes may be gnawing at your firm re...

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