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Why hiring a real estate agent to sell your home makes sense

a client & a real estate agent shaking hands after making a deal

Of course, you can sell your home on your own. You don’t have to think about those professional fees and you can keep the profits of your sale all to yourself. However, you may also have heard those horror stories of DIY home sales gone wrong. Most ended up with less than what they expected from the sale and more wrinkles on their foreheads from the stress of marketing and negotiating for a good price for their home.

Take this advice from the best real estate agents in Charlotte, NC and the Piedmont Triad – it still makes sense to leave much of the home selling work to a dependable agent. Here are some of the reasons why:

Market knowledge

Most of us are not fully aware of how real estate can be affected by a multitude of factors that could have an impact on your home’s market value. Especially among first-time home sellers, their only basis for pricing their home would be sentimental value.

The agent with a good grip on local market trends will go beyond that. They bring with them a thorough understanding of complex real estate data analytics which they’ll use as a guide for properly pricing your home and for determining whether market conditions are ripe for a profitable home sale or not. Moreover, they’ll be able to explain these technical data to you in the simplest of terms. 

Sharp negotiating skills

Perhaps the most nerve-wracking aspect of the home-selling process is negotiating with a potential buyer for a deal that will be amenable to all parties concerned. A negotiation-savvy agent on your side will bring to the table an arsenal of information which they will use to put forward your best interests. 

The buyer isn’t the only one your agent will be dealing with – they will also be coordinating with the buyer’s agent and a slew of legal minds. Thus, having a negotiation rock star for an agent will do you a lot of good.

Access to crucial databases

The Multiple Listing Service is a real estate database of all homes currently for sale. Real estate agents have access to this crucial database and will know how to maximize its use for marketing your home and for shortlisting potential homebuyers. 

Network of industry partners

Some of the best agents in the real estate business take pride in their wide network of colleagues from related industries. These professionals help them and their respective clients in many aspects of real estate transactions. You don’t have to go looking on your own for someone to do home appraisals, for example – they will most probably be able to refer someone who they trust enough to do the work right for you.


Know that when you deal with a real estate agent, you need to reveal some personal information (like contact details, for one) to them so that they can understand your purpose and requirements for selling your home. They will also be holding on to several financial and legal documents on your behalf. This is why you will need someone trustworthy enough to do the job and keep sensitive information confidential at the same time.

If you’re selling your Charlotte home, you can go for a stress-free experience by letting us in on the task. We are the Valarie R. Brooks Real Estate team. Let’s discuss how we can help you with your home-selling goals by calling us at 704.488.5458 or sending us an email at Valarie(at)ValarieRBrooks(dotted)com.