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New normal, new home office: Work-from-home space tips to boost productivity

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Working from home must probably be among the best things ever invented in the employment sphere. Not only do you avoid having to dress up and weave through traffic but you also keep yourself safe from the dangers of the ongoing pandemic. However, distractions at home can leave you a little less productive than you’d like to be.

A great way to boost your productivity in your present work-from-home setup is by ramping up your workspace. Here’s a list of tips to help you get hyped working from home:

Find a dedicated space

If you have the advantage of having a spacious home, you can convert one of your vacant rooms into your home office. But if you don’t, a quiet nook will do. Whether it’s a whole room or just a corner of it, remember these snippets of advice:

  • Give yourself enough elbow room in your space. Don’t scrimp on space! Imagine the hassle of bumping into things while in your workspace when you have a whole unoccupied room at the end of the corridor that you can use. Maximum comfort comes with a space where you can move in freely.
  • Declutter before setting up anything. It is much easier to concentrate in a clean and decluttered workspace. How can you work if your attention is divided between what’s on your laptop screen and that lone pink sock on the floor?
  • Bat for distraction-free. This may be a tall order especially for those in spacechallenged homes but try to find an area within your home that limits distractions. If your family members see you in that space, they will immediately know that you cannot be disturbed for trivial things.

Let the light shine in

If you can have your workspace situated in an area where natural light streams through then you’ve got the illumination = productivity coefficient down pat. But if there’s not enough natural light then accent and task lighting can do the trick. Just make sure not to make it too bright – the glare might deter you from staying in that space longer than you should, thus defeating the purpose of lighting for increased work efficiency.

Have the right tools

Start with the basics: your workspace furniture. The desk should be big enough to fit the tools of your trade, with enough extra space for items like your coffee mug and mobile phone. As for your chair, choose one that’s ergonomic and classy at the same time.

For office equipment, try to replicate the tools you use on your office workstation. If your work is heavily reliant on the internet, make sure your connection is fast and stable.

Bring your own style to your workspace

You are no longer bound by office restrictions regarding what and what not to place in your work cubbyhole. Get creative by hanging paintings or pictures or repainting the walls of your space in your favorite colors. For an organic touch, place a small indoor plant on a nearby shelf or next to your desk. Just put a rein on your decorating spree or else, you might end up with more clutter than office equipment.

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