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Enjoying the Great Outdoors despite the COVID-19 pandemic

a girl with facemask enjoying the outdoor view

Frustrating as it may be that the COVID-19 pandemic has limited our movement these days, it has been established by health professionals that you can still move around freely in the Great Outdoors – under certain conditions, of course.

Science tells us that being outside presents a lower risk of virus transmission compared to staying in enclosed spaces with minimal air circulation.

This is great news for those living in North Carolina where it’s almost a travesty not to be able to savor the beauty and majesty of its unique natural landscape.

The state is still paused at Level 2 of the local COVID-19 response where residents are recommended to stay at home or to remain active in the sprawling outdoors. This is because these two venues assure a lower risk of virus transmission.

If you are among the lucky ones to have chosen one among the many wonderful houses for sale in Charlotte, Huntersville, Ballantyne, Fort Mills, SC, Highland Creek, Uptown, or anywhere else within NC, then here’s the safe way of keeping active in the Tar Heel State in the era of COVID-19:

Social distancing is still king

Science tells us that the continuous flow of air in the outdoors limits the spread of infectious droplets, thus presenting a lower risk of virus transmission. However, this doesn’t mean that you should totally let your guard down as you trek the trails and scale the cliffs of the area.

According to guidelines under Level 2 of NC’s Executive Order 141, mass gatherings of up to 10 people are allowed in an enclosed space but in the outdoors, this number rises to 25. Be on the side of caution as you may still encounter potential asymptomatic carriers in your outdoor adventure. The social distancing of up to 6 feet should be the norm.

Know the 3 Ws of keeping safe

These 3 Ws

  • Wear a cloth covering for your face. However, if heading for rougher terrain or nature trails, face masks are highly recommended but not required.
  • Wait in line or anywhere where there are congregations of people, preferably within 6 feet apart from the next person.
  • Wash your hands, preferably with soap and water. If there’s no access to these two, disinfect using hand sanitizer or alcohol.
  • You can continue your outdoor workouts

    Yes, you can still walk, run, bike, or even ski here. After all, that’s what North Carolina is known for – being the adventurous soul’s playground. However, make sure that you are still following the rules on “responsible adventuring.”

    Keep your adventurous streak at a minimum

    Now is not the best time to take risks in the Great Outdoors. Remember that hospitals these days are filled to the brim mostly with COVID-19 patients. Don’t add to your medical front liner’s misery by getting injured and also requiring their attention.

    Stay away from crowds

    It’s difficult to maintain social distancing in outdoor areas where multitudes of people congregate, like in parks, concerts, and even popular climbing routes or nature trails. If you want to fully enjoy the outdoors safely, the ideal way to do so is on your own or with close members of the family.

    Always keep in mind your safety and that of others as you blaze the trails of North Carolina in this pandemic. And if you plan on acquiring Charlotte, NC real estate, don’t hesitate to meet the team at Valarie R. Brooks Real Estate for the best coaching and support in your endeavor. Call us at 704.488.5458 or send us an email at Valarie(at)ValarieRBrooks(dotted)com.