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Amesha Harris

As a proud Carolina native Amesha Harris is a results-oriented and highly enthusiastic Real Estate Professional with a great passion for delivering first class customer service to every client she gets an opportunity to serve. With over 10 years in client customer experience, she is committed to listening to every client needs and matching them with their dream homes. Amesha is focused on maintaining high standards of professionalism and integrity as she seeks to facilitate seamless transitions in either a buying or selling process.
Having an educational background in Computer Science with a concentration in Electrical Engineering, Amesha is tactical, savvy, and a problem solver who never shies away from a challenge. Amesha ease her clients minds as they make one of the largest investment decisions of their lives. Working with Valarie R. Brooks and her excellent team further elevates her business which is founded on promoting excellence.
Amesha patience and understanding, particularly in the current difficult real estate market is exceptional as she endeavors to offer the best representation no matter the situation. Thankful for the flexibility that the profession enables in terms of finding a work-life balance. She also enjoys spending quality time with family and friends, hiking, and yoga during her free time.